Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Life after exams is so damn awesome. The last day of torture was on the 23rd and immediately after screwing my final paper, the first stop was town with Fatty to satisfy my crazy shopping addiction + our ramen cravings. Wednesday saw us driving down to the warehouse to collect my loots, plus a hair appointment with Sharoney at Soho by Xpect. Thursday was then spent celebrating lil sissy's 13th birthday with loads and loads of Domokun for presents. Can't believe my baby sis is 13 already :O

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Hahahaha us being weird as usual.

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Sharoney and i with our newly dyed hair! Not much difference for mine even though the color i chose was 5 times lighter than hers, shows how tough and annoying my hair is. It's ridiculous how i even spent quite awhile convincing my hair stylist to give me the lighter dye but he refused to budge until he was halfway through the dye and told me "omg your hair is seriously tough, okay i'm gonna use the lighter dye." -.-

 Picture 081Picture 080 
Check out the card we did for her, hahaha true blue Domokun fanatic. 

Saturday was spent flea-ing with my girls at SCAPE, sales was omega omega omega bad! There wasn't much of a crowd, just loads and loads of pinoys and maids with their crazy haggling skills. It's truly disgusting how they are able to snort at you and throw your clothes back into the pile after we told them ridiculously cheap prices like $5/piece. Then what do they expect, $2 meh?
Thank god for the awesome company tho!

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Sunday with the family! Been a long while since I last spent such quality time with the parents. It was nice just doing some shopping with them at Ikea, with Mummy getting all excited with picking out new furniture for my room! Can't wait for Daddy to get me my pink paint before we start on project revamp-my-room woohooooo i'll finally get to repaint my walls, replace my desk, chair, bed and bookshelf! Can't wait to do some painting with Fatty wheehee so fun.

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Monday, May 28, 2012


Did quite some cooking during the exams period, mostly out of boredom and also because I was constantly craving for some eggs for brunch.

Whipped up five sets of breakfast for the family on Mother's Day, our traditional practice for every Mother's and Father's Day. Decided to try something different with the sissy this year (apart from the usual french toasts, bacon and eggs for the past years) and thus attempted poached eggs! I've always thought it was mad difficult, but after some googling and youtube-ing it turned out to be so easy (not to mention yummy).

Picture 061 Picture 062 946be91898d211e1a8761231381b4856_783495c029fde11e1be6a12313820455d_7 
 Doubt i'll have the time to, but I can't wait to try out more brunch recipes! Especially the perfecting of the Eggs Benedict's Hollandise Sauce.

Happy Birthday Danny!

Danielle's 22nd birthday!

Yet another day well spent with my favourite OUAM girls, celebrated Danny's birthday at Pique Nique! The food there was yummy but the portions for the brunch sets were alil too small for the price imo? The burgers were hugeeee tho!

 Picture 043 7079249107_7c1aa14270_z 6933175688_17c7c43347_z 6933175440_c9e6a163ba_z 7079249833_d2c38664e2_z 553671_10151477910270616_1900345961_n 546190_10151477909755616_1958656481_n
389741_10151477909590616_707805615_11803830_1130152478_n 580928_10151477910180616_707805615_11803838_1681532648_n 562151_10151477911295616_707805615_11803858_336913226_n 

Photos credit to our awesome photographer, Candice dear!

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 Omg candice I just realised you look exactly the same in all four photos, only looking slightly annoyed in the last one hahahaha.

 Picture 042 
Chilling with Janny before meeting the rest of the girls!

 Picture 041 

Can't wait for our next meet up, shall it be a sleepover? Or picnic? Haha time spent with this bunch will always be nothing short of awesome. <3

Post exams!

After three long painful weeks, exams are finally over! *throws confetti* But I only got to enjoy 2 days of freedom (which meant loads of shopping with the boy) before being called back for work again. Alright I need to quit complaining because I know it's not exactly easy to get an admin job nowadays, whatsmore one that I can spend time blogging during working hours (like now) and still earn a very decent pay, heehee. 

Random photos from a couple of months ago (to be exact, March?) before I started hibernating at home for exams.

Day out with Sharoney and WY! Been a long while since we spent such quality time together, having our favourite Ikea meatballs for lunch, laughing and gossiping over all kinds of brainless stuff, tracking down the quiet little corner at Serangoon for Ice Cream Chef and playing on swings at some deserted playground.

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Feasting with the Fatty! Sissikek Korean BBQ at Novena and our all time favourite Ramen Champion at Iluma which is cheap and yummy. Especially love the Tetsu dip ramen, extreme shiokness. But the sad thing is they're going off next month if i'm not wrong! Where in Singapore will I be able to find such awesome dip ramen when they're gone? Picture 018 Picture 019

Pardon my humji face, I was trying to hide from the splattering oil the entire time we were there, it was so annoying ugh. In the end Fatty did most of the cooking for me hahaha.

 Picture 022 Picture 024

Ramen Champion!

 Picture 029 Picture 030Picture 031 Picture 034Picture 035

Some shopping days with the boy!
 Picture 037Picture 038 Picture 040Picture 063 Picture 057Picture 056

And some random outfit posts, yes i'm still very much amazed with that mirror app hahaha.

 Picture 025 d149a2b47d2811e1989612313815112c_7 Picture 036 Picture 039
Alright time for lunch!
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