Thursday, October 27, 2011

Study date (total fail) with Fatty on Monday became a shopping trip plus impromptu lunch at Hairloom & Caramel.

IMG_3777 IMG_3770


Love this cute little cafe/salon, it's filled with pretty furnitures and the overall design is just really vintage and quirky. Was telling Fatty I would very much want our future house to look something like that, so cosy! It's a pity they're closing down on the 5th November though, which is next week?





IMG_3801 IMG_3802



Fatty had the Bacon & Onion spaghetti in Aglio Olio while mine was the Baked pasta in Wafu cream sauce with chicken, onion & seaweed. Fatty found his a lil too plain but mine was quite yummy though. Oh and i couldn't resist the cupcakes they look too cute! So we got a Banana Chocolate cupcake to share and it was reallyyy good, but i still prefer Twelve Cupcakes heh.





Could've taken alot of awesome photos but because it was supposed to be a study session i only had my trusty iPhone with me. Was browsing through my old folders the other day and realised how much time i used to spend on photography last time. Nowadays there's really not enough time for any hobbies anymore, such a sad life seriously.

On a random note, I really hate hate hate my braces it makes me look like i have veggies stuck in my teeth 24/7.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shiok Saturday.


My awesome boy sending me to Amelia's 21st Birthday party held at Capella Sentosa.


I know my braces + spectacles make me look like Ugly Betty, but i swear my glasses wasn't this huge intitally, either my face shrunk within a month or the optician expanded my glasses and i choose to believe my face became smaller.


Desiree and Jiaying!


Climbing up the crazy hill to Capella, and luckily we met a staff who was nice enough to offer us the buggy.



IMG_3722 IMG_3733

Baby picked me up and off we went for some dim sum supper at Swee Choon! It was so damn crowded it totally didn't feel like it was close to 2am in the morning.




IMG_3757 IMG_3760

Shall continue the rest of this awesome weekend another time, before my boss catches me surfing the net during work again hahaha.

Spent the last 1-2months searching everywhere for the perfect pair of leopard print loafers, but it's so damn difficult? It's either far too expensive (say SGD200?), or not the correct kind of loafers, or the leopard prints ain't pretty enough, or my size got sold out, or its only available from some online spree (which means waiting for 3weeks before it arrives and i absolutely hate waiting) or ugh idk someway or another it just seems impossible to get my hands on a decent pair of leopard loafers and it's driving me crazy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This should be my 5th or 6th trip to Holland Village's Crystal Jade for their steamboat buffet and as always the food never fails me. Great company, baskets after baskets of xiao long baos, juicy slices of beef soaked in their spicy hotpot and shiok like crazy la-mian, omnomnom can't wait for the next trip there again!

Picture 005

Picture 004

Picture 003

Picture 027

Got chased out by 9.30pm and decided to rest our over-stuffed tummies at Starbucks.






Iphone > Blackberry, always.

294106_10150409783465616_707805615_10412053_1795422134_n 302265_10150409783735616_707805615_10412057_1295233226_n

Another awesome night spent with my lovely OUAM girls. Brought back loads of memories of times spent at SCAPE's Once Upon A Milkshake, i really do miss those days. Used to spend practically 6 days a week at that outlet, we did so many things together there, blending milkshakes for ourselves, blasting our own ipod, stealing ice-cream, walking around barefooted, closing the shop at 8pm, chasing away customers with all kinds of crazy techniques (like switching off the lights while they're still eating), whining to Kenny when it's too tiring and he will always give in to us, celebrating our birthdays there, having our own Christmas steamboat in the shop(can we have one this year too?), it was like my second home. And i even miss auntie :( Its a pity everything is different now, still the same location, same outlet, selling the same milkshakes, but everything else has changed. But i hope nothing changes this amazing bond, because every single one of you girls mean alot to me, and of cos not forgetting our fat boss Kenny!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Picture 009

Picture 002 Picture 010

Picture 003 Picture 004

Picture 007 Picture 008

10pm, 15 meatballs, 4 chicken wings, 3 cups of drinks, 1 bowl of pasta and 2 happy tummies.
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