Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Super in love with the Suede Elbow Patch shirt I got for Fatty at a steal (it was retailing outside for close to 100$?), and it was sent to his place as a mini surprise.
Silly boy was like "Dar how come there's this SUPER DUPER NICE but HUGEEEEEEE shirt sent to my house, is it yours?"

Random but i'm really mad annoyed with my braces, i've to put on elastic bands now and they're seriously irritating the shit out of me. Laughed too hard the other day and it snapped, hit my gum & flew out of mouth, fuck pain. Yesterday it snapped while i was happily munching on my burger and it took me quite awhile to source it out from the mess of half bitten beef, vegetables and mushrooms.
How long more before i can finally get rid of them?!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random day in town with the boy a few weeks ago.

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Denim+Denim X Burgundy
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Check out my ginormous eye bags, i've tried all ways and means to attempt to get rid of them (oh and not to mention disgusting dark circles), but NOTHING WORKS? No choice but to admit that age is seriously catching up on me. Speaking of which i'm gonna hit 22 in OMFG 2MONTHS?! GROSS!

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And my latest addition, Dr Martens Women's Brook Lace Up in Burgundy from Fatty - the most awesome boyfriend in the universe.
Oh and i just realised, we wore the same color again!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Reached school on a Saturday and realised lecture was cancelled, so Shanny and i made an impromptu decision to have some brunch at Choupinette!

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Jones' Breakfast and Egg Royal's, both yummy! But their service still suck though.
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Been drinking a lot of Starbucks recently too, madly in love with their Toffee Nut Frap! Isn't it about time they allow Toffee Nut to be on their daily menu already?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Backdated, Halloween weekend which was totally drama filled, loads of plans lined up but in the end we decided skip everything and settled for a simple night out at Outdoor's Cafe.

Dinner at Ramen Champion again! Absolutely in love with the "noodles and soup in separate bowls" style, idk why but i think it makes the noodles a lot more springy!

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Mine was from the Tai-sho-ken stall, Fatty's from Menya Iroma stall. Both wasn't too bad, but of the four (out of six stalls) we've tried, i still like Tetsu's the most!
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Rushed down to Somerset to meet the rest after dinner for some drinks! Initial plan was to chill at Outdoors Cafe before heading to Scape for their 3D Haunted House but by the time we reached the tickets were sold out already.

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The number of shots Fatty had to drink on my behalf because i kept losing hahaha my poor boy.
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I know my face (or practically whole body) is crazy red, and this was after half of my Chocolate Martini plus uhh 2 shots? Lousy liver. On the other hand, Fatty never ever turns red, no matter how much he drinks.
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Fatty's favourite batman, a very short one though.
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Another random day in town! I realised Fatty & i always end up wearing clothes of almost the same color combinations, and i swear we didn't coordinate. Simple colors like black, grey, denim ain't so bad but there were TWICE when we both wore bright ORANGE, omg it was hilarious.

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