Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Short but awesome sleepover at Amelia's omega pretty crib last month! So in love with her house, it was small but very cosy and her mom did a really good job with the interior design. Only down side was the distance from the MRT station, was complaining like a bitch after we bought supper and made our way to her ulu condonium. Guess i'm just too used to reaching home with a 3mins walk from the MRT everyday.

 Picture 152 Picture 151 
Love this sofa swing she placed in the yard, so pretty!
 Picture 150
Picture 155 
 Amelia setting up her teevee for some late night movie! We watched Thor, but I only managed to stay awake for about half the movie, was totally knocked out by 3am. Nowadays i'm forever tired cos of work, seriously life of a sad OL.

Picture 156 Picture 154 
Beauty facial session during the movie cos Desiree bought masks from Korea for all of us! They're so gonna throw me into the sea for uploading this photo hahahahaha.

Picture 157 
 Had to wake up at 7am the next morning (yeah who wakes up this early during a sleepover right) for WORK. And these super sweet girls woke up with me so that I wouldn't oversleep, WY even made breakfast for me and Amelia drove me to the mrt. Felt super duper loved! <3

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Shall leave you guys with a couple of GIFS hahaha a bunch of lunatics.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Believe you can, and you're halfway there.

Couple of weeks ago, some shopping days after work with the boy and dinner with the sisters and Fatty at TCC before Fan flew off to Myanmar for her voluntary work.

 Picture 086 Picture 085 Picture 088 Picture 087Picture 091 Picture 092Picture 111 Picture 113 Picture 112 

TCC was having some 1-for-1 pasta/main course promotion so Fan wanted to try it out, but in the end their pastas were all super mehhhhhhh. Either the outlet we went to had terrible chefs (Wisma's TCC) or their standard really dropped because of this 1-for-1 promotion. Even Pasta Mania's pastas tasted better! Will definitely stick to their sandwiches next time round.

Picture 117 

Lil Sissy's Shrooms & Splash Gratin, Fatty's Seafood Aglio Olio, Fan's Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti and my Mushroom Tortellini Al Arabiatta. 

  Picture 118Picture 121 
 Picture 122Picture 123 

Love these two crazy Sissys, they've a age gap of 7 years but sometimes they act like the same age hahaha.

 Picture 124Picture 125 Picture 128Picture 126 

Sent Fan off at the airport the next day! It's more than a week since she left for Myanmar, hurry come back sis! Pardon my naked face and crazy swollen eyebags, it was too early in the morning.

 photo(1)photo Picture 149Picture 130 

Fatty came over in the afternoon to paint and revamp my room, woah painting is seriously no easy job, i thought it'll be fast and we'll be done in a couple of hours (seeing that my room is rather small and lil sissy was helping out too). But we painted from 2pm to 8pm, and by dinner time we were all half-dead and aching all over. My thighs even ached for a couple of days even tho Fatty was the one doing 3/4 of the climbing and painting, hahaha yes i'm weak like a old granny. 

Blue room -> Pink room! We had to tape the edges, paint one coat of white to cover the initial blue paint, then another coat of pink, plus touch-ups! Poor Fatty had to do practically everything cos lil sis and i weren't tall enough to reach most of the ledges and ceilings so we were mainly only in-charge of painting the lower parts of the walls.
 Picture 132Picture 133 Picture 134Picture 135 
After dinner we started on the bunk bed (decided on the bunk bed so that all three of us can sleep together when Fan is back!), which was DAMN FREAKING DIFFICULT to assemble?! The parts were all crazy heavy, and it wasn't easy figuring out which screws to use and how the joints came together. It took 4 adults, 1 kiddo, 4 hours of shouting, arguing and buckets of sweat before the bed-frame was finally done.
 Picture 140Picture 141 

It was 1am by the time we were finally done so Daddy brought us all out for supper. And even though we were all mad tired, Fatty continued to fix my new desk before bedtime, teehee thank you my awesome boy!
Had breakfast the next morning with Fatty and lil sis! Picture 147 Picture 143Picture 144 
So this is how my room looks like in the morning. With a new coat of paint, new white bunk bed, simple new white desk, new pink chair and a set of new cream curtains. It looks alot nicer irl as compared to these lousy photos, every single time i step into my room i'm instantly cheered up by how pretty it looks hahaha okay I know i'm a little too old for such a princessy all pink and white room but still, it makes me happy! But it's not quite done tho, Daddy just painted my bookshelves white and fixed a couple of wall shelves yesterday. Gonna make another trip to Ikea with Fatty later (yay meatballs!) to pick up some photoframes, a pink rubbish bin (hahaha judge all you want) and perhaps some storage baskets. 

On another note, any recommendations as to where I can do such pretty aztec nails for cheap? Like for less than $30? I'm really tempted to try it myself but i've no time nor the patience, plus even if i'm that good i'll only be able to do the left hand.

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