Monday, April 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012,

Getting so sick of staring at my books all day long, so let me just revive this space a little, with some super over-dued (to be exact 2 months late) photos from my valentine's day (which is actually 3 days after my birthday, yeah Fatty damn poor thing right hahaha).
IMG_6791 (1024x765)
So Fatty got us tickets and we decided to spend 14th of February this year at USS, which is somewhere i've always wanted to visit but never got the chance to (i know we damn sua ku!)
And this awesome boy surprised me with super pretty (and expensive) roses! I seriously need to remind myself to stop Fatty from getting flowers on Vdays anymore, they're SO MADLY OVER-PRICED OMG, $100 for this bouquet it's crazy?
DSC_0250 (1024x680)
DSC_0255 (681x1024)DSC_0258 (680x1024)
DSC_0264 (1024x680)
Surprisingly it wasn't very crowded at USS, even though it was Valentine's day itself.
DSC_0266 (1024x680)
DSC_0289 (1024x680)
DSC_0319 (1024x680)
DSC_0298 (1024x680)
DSC_0326 (1024x680)
DSC_0329 (680x1024)DSC_0337 (680x1024)
Madagascar's animals, super cute! Didn't get to take photos with them though.
DSC_0341 (1024x680)
DSC_0338 (1024x680)
DSC_0346 (1024x680)
Fatty bought me one of these Gingerbreadman teehee so cute!!
DSC_0351 (680x1024)DSC_0356 (680x1024)
DSC_0347 (680x1024)DSC_0357 (680x1024)
DSC_0365 (1024x680)
DSC_0367 (1024x680)
DSC_0368 (1024x680)
DSC_0371 (1024x680)
DSC_0380 (1024x679)
DSC_0377 (1024x680)
DSC_0381 (681x1024)DSC_0394 (680x1024)
DSC_0384 (680x1024)DSC_0401 (680x1024)
Favourite ride of the day, The Transformers! Didn't expect much from it but woah it was really guuuuudddddd.
DSC_0406 (1024x680)
DSC_0412 (1024x680)
I've no idea why but the characters we took photos with were all very amused with my denim jumper, Joker even said "hey there girl, looking really cute as a farmer!"
DSC_0414 (680x1024)DSC_0413 (680x1024)
DSC_0417 (680x1024)DSC_0421 (680x1024)
Merry-go-round which we got tricked into taking cos it was raining hahaha we looked like two over-sized kids among all the babies.
DSC_0428 (1024x680)
DSC_0425 (1024x680)
Loving my metallic top which i bought a nooooong nooooong time ago but forgot all about wearing it!
DSC_0438 (1024x681)
DSC_0444 (1024x680)
And guess who we saw, holidaying in Singapore? Sis and Thong went nuts when i sent them these photos hahaha. But honestly, most stars really look better on-screen than in reality.
IMG_6746 (765x1024)IMG_6748 (765x1024)
DSC_0446 (681x1024)DSC_0449 (680x1024)
DSC_0457 (1024x680)
These turkey legs are ohmy yummmmmmyyyy! We must have looked like gluttons thoroughly enjoying our turkey legs cos everybody who walked past couldn't stop staring, some uncle even came and asked us where it was from.
DSC_0464 (1024x680)
And finally took photos with KungFu Panda, he's so super fat, huge, furry and huggable! Not to mention really cheeky hahaha.
DSC_0468 (765x1024)DSC_0469 (765x1024)
DSC_0470 (1024x680)
Shrek and Fiona! Fatty looking really awkward with Fiona i've no idea why lol.
DSC_0477 (1024x679)
DSC_0478 (1024x680)
While waiting for some ride,
DSC_0481 (1024x680)
DSC_0492 (1024x680)
DSC_0497 (1024x680)
IMG_6774IMG_6775 (765x1024)
Super mega tired by the end of the day, (and we even travelled down to Maxwell for dinner, hoping to satisfy our Lao Ban cravings but failed) it was really one of the most special and most memorable Valentine's Day spent with my favourite boy. Something different from our usual extravagant Vday dinners. Thank you my dearest Fatty, no words can describe how thankful i am for having you in my life. Love you baby!
IMG_6790 (1024x765)
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