Monday, April 18, 2011

Eat study eat study eat study sleep. Eat study eat study eat study sleep.
Eat study eat study eat study sleep. Eat study eat study eat study sleep.
Eat study eat study eat study sleep. Eat study eat study eat study sleep.

So that more or less summarized my daily routines for the past couple of weeks, okay maybe throwing in a movie night out or two. And its gonna be the same for another 4weeks before exams will finally come to an end. Not too sure if i'm looking forward to May? It's just one more month to freedom which means preparing for Fatty's twentyfirst, finally being able to catch up with my long-lost girlfriends, awesome holiday trips, endless shopping (even though the amount of online-shopping i've been doing to "de-stress" is already too much for my own good), and a million more things to complete on my list.
But then again, this also means i'm left with only 30days to cramp as much info as i can into my tiny brain, which i highly doubt is enough. I've already screwed up Year 1, i can't afford to do the same for Year 2.

Alright, some uploads from my new toy! Pardon the mess, i'm still in the midst of experimenting with iPhone4's different photography apps.









Oh and just to share a random fact i chanced upon. It’s scientifically proven that usually emotional pain lasts for only 12 minutes. Anything longer than that is self-inflicted. I personally find it kind of true? Because sometimes when i'm affected by some minor issues, especially when its caused by dumbasses, the anger usually last for only awhile. So the next time you're angered/affected by something, just try to stay calm for the next 12mins, instead of doing anything stupid like picking a fight or venting your anger on your innocent boyfriend.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011






Happy 21st Danielle!
Photography by awesome Candice!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Auntie Dan whipping up lunch for us!



Such a qt pie! But this scheming little fellow only allows me to pat him when i've food, the moment he finishes the snacks on my hand he'll just dash off and sit a few metres away waiting for me to get him more food.



Kenny treated us to a fantastic crab feast at Mellben (Ang Mo Kio), one of the best crabbeehoon i've ever tasted!




Awesome day spent with one of my dearest group of people, it isn't often that we get to hang out like this nowadays. Even though sometimes i still wish to turn back time, to the last holiday spent at OUAM where everything was just perfect. But i guess wonderful times will never last forever.
So for now, i'll treasure whatever i have as this is already more than i could ask for.

Oh and please pardon the lousy photos taken with my lao-ya phone, i need to stop leaving my camera at home!

Selling post updated, please click!

Saturday, April 2, 2011







x study date with sharon dear
x her green tea latte which looked like algae/moss
x fatty's driving me for the first time
x caught World Invasion, awesome movie, teared like crazy

“The little mermaid's hands were shaking as she tossed the knife far into the waves. 
Her sight of the prince faded and she threw herself into the ocean. 
And then the little mermaid turned into bubbles and disappeared.”
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